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Plumbing tips for new homeowners

You have now bought a new home and you need to enjoy your stay there as well as make sure the house is in perfect condition before you move in. if you move in without proper inspection, you might use the tap and no hot water is coming out! The bathroom doesn’t have a drain or its clogged. These are plumbing issues that would have been avoided. Belfar suggest that you get a plumber to inspect the plumbing system before moving in, don’t move in and invite guests only to find out your bathroom water isn’t running. Here are few plumbing tips for new homeowners amid the excitement of buying the house.

Request for a plumbing and heating inspection

Before moving in, it’s always good to make sure the plumbing system is in a good working condition. Everything might be working well according to you but there are issues that might be beneficial to fix to avoid issues in the long run. There are issues that might be pressing while others can wait but knowing that is the most important thing.

Locate the main water shut off valve

Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to start looking for the main water shut off valve. Let everyone in the house know where it is located and try it out to see if its properly working. The valve shuts water on or off in the entire house. Don’t sit and wait for an emergency to find the valve. Avoid flooding and destroying your property.

Clean the shower drain routinely

Don’t ignore the shower drains to avoid clogged drains. Clear the debris and hair from the shower every now and then. If you experience clogs despite regular maintenance of the shower drain, get an inspection from Belfar. We suggest that you don’t wait for the whole line to clog before calling a professional yet too many people make the mistake.

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